Monday, June 16, 2014

Idaho State GOP Convention Victory for taxpayers

As the so called 'centrist' Republicans decry the 'gridlock' at the recent state convention (purportedly caused by the deep divide within the Idaho State Republican Party), taxpayers should be rejoicing that finally top down policy is no longer the norm in the Idaho Republican Party.
Ada County, (which was unable to deliver the vote for our current governor in the May Primary), again, as it has done for several years, stacked it's delegation in gross disregard of taxpayers fed up with business as usual. But more importantly, the Ada County process was knowingly in gross disregard of the Party Rules.
Here's what happened:
After each election, each county central committee must elect new officers and take nominations for delegates to the state convention which follows the Primary Election. Each nominee must be voted upon separately.
For at least a decade, and probably longer, Ada County has presented a 'slate' of candidates to the central committee to voice an up or down vote for the entire body of slate. This year only 'Otter-matons' were a part of the slate, and no sitting legislators, other 'conservatives', or others not conforming to the top-down control were excluded from the slate.
Each convention the credentials committee agrees that the rules were again violated but acquiesces to seating the delegation with the proviso that they need to quit violating the rules or 'next time there will be ramifications.' Each following convention there are no ramifications and the same admonition is voiced.
THIS TIME, there were appropriate ramifications. THIS TIME the credentials committee moved to disallow the Ada County delegation from being seated at the Convention. With this exclusion hanging over their head, every time consuming parliamentary option was thrown out to avoid the credentials committee from reporting to the whole their findings.
The three counties found to have grossly violated the rules were in the process of being removed from the convention by majority vote of the convention participants. Rather than suffer through a protracted and torturous parliamentary struggle, the convention, again my majority vote, adjourned at the time set in the published agenda.
The officers stay the same. The policy stays the same. There is still hope for Idaho taxpayers tired of the 'central control' advocated by the centrist Republicans.

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