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The JLOC committee is made up of both parties. The dems then elect their representatives. Our problem is NOT with declared liberals such as Rep. Ringo, but those representatives with statist leanings that SAY that they are republican. You can use the legislative web site to monitor the votes of your representatives. Please take the time to do so during this session. Also monitor whether your representatives are even present during the vote on certain issues.
Two great web sites to monitor:
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Ticket:20140116-1224Dear Rep. Barbieri, I have just heard that one of your colleagues in the State House, Shirley Ringo, will be running for Congress in the 1st District primary and likely, against Raul Labrador. In researching more about her, I read that Ringo isone of the most unabashedly liberal members of Idahos Legislature the former Latah County Democratic Party chair . But yet, shes co-chair of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee. In IDAHO! Can you please share with me how this came to be and who voted for her I feel that this is a telling commentary on some of our State Reps and something that may need to be addressed before the fall elections. Thank you for any help you can provide on this matter. Sincerely, Brian K. Welch

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