Friday, December 27, 2013

Radio Interview

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Thanks for writing, Chris.
Sorry it has taken so long for me to respond. I opened a new business in Post Falls and it has kept me cranking. Just now getting settled and hope that my son can handle things when I leave in two weeks.
Be happy to talk to you for your show.
Will be in Boise in a little more than a week and we can do it from there, if you wish. We just have to fit it in.
Again, thanks for the note.
Talk to you soon.

--original message--
Ticket:20131209-1445SIGNUPS: onlinehelp. My name is Christian Fioravanti. I am an entrepreneur and very active citizen in politics. I moved up to North Idaho about a year ago. Ive been working with fellow local patriots such as Pam Stout, the Capursos and other elected officials. I would like to interview Vito for my new radio show, Freedom Under Fire. This would be a short and sweet phone interview (about 20-30min long). I would like to discuss the issues facing Idaho today and Vitos upcoming plans for the legislative session of 2013. You can reach me via email or at my office (916) 538-4471. Thank you, Christian

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