Friday, December 27, 2013

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I'm sorry to respond to you so late on this. I'm just now catching up after opening the store in Post Falls.
We still hope to have some influence on this in Boise. The session starts in little over a week.
The three Christian Health Sharing ministries are: Samaritan @ 888-268-4377, Medi-Share @ 800-772-5623, and Christian Care Ministry (don't have their number).
Thanks for being so supportive!

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Ticket:20131021-1303Good afternoon, I was at the Candle Light Church last Friday evening. I believe You mentioned several Christian Health care providers.Could You possibly Send me that information. I do hope You will hold another meeting when plans and information will be provided.The meeting was good, the turnout was sad.Hope the body of Christ wakes up. Thank You, Bob Skalak

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