Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Legislative Wrapup

There is a great controversy surrounding the Health Insurance Exchange in Idaho. As a result, Gov. Otter has sent a letter to all of the legislators endeavoring to refute what he calls the"myths” of a state-run health insurance exchange. I hope to complete a rebuttal of those ‘myths’ within the next few days. Look for it in your local newspaper or check my website.

In the national spotlight is the issue of gun control. The response of the Idaho legislators is to protect your rights from the federal government’s encroachment. Our Republic looks to its Constitution for guidance, and the strange truth is that even if the majority of voters were to determine otherwise, our rights in the Constitution cannot be overruled. Your legislature hopes to get appropriate law in place to resist Obama’s executive orders or laws which interfere with Idaho’s sovereignty.

Nothing is closer to home than the use of our local lands. I am working with Rep. Kathy Sims on a bill to make the comprehensive plan of counties optional rather than mandatory. Also contained in the bill will be requiring a vote on any substantive changes in the land use code.

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